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“When the body starts to relax and feel safe, the mind has more space to transform and reprogram itself”

“Everything is connected, massage the body and the mind will relax. Relax the nervous system and the BodyMind will relax. Create the right conditions to feel safe and everything will relax”

This intuitive treatment is based on the fascia understanding that everything is connected: the body, the posture (proprioception), the relationship of postural habits with emotions, the nervous system perceptions (interoception) and the mind believes and conditioning.





Combining deep tissue massage, Thai massage, cupping and cranio-sacral, my main focus is to give space in the tissues to allow the self healing mechanism of your body to readjust and relax naturally. 


“When the body start to relax and feel safe, 

the mind has more space to transform and reprogram itself”


Each treatment finishes with Shirodhara, an ancestral Ayurvedic treatment that relax and re-balance the nervous system. 


What is Shirodhara?


The nervous system is controlling all other body fonctions. Stress, old traumas, emotional suppression, postural imbalance or body injuries can brings the nervous system out of balance. 


By having a constant stream of warm water pouring on the fore head, a gentle vibration is reaching the central nervous system in the brain. A natural reaction is happening allowing the nervous system to release tensions and go into a deep meditative state where pattern and conditioning start to be reprogram naturally.


It is Extremely supportive for mental agitations, stress, sleep disorders, post traumatic syndrome, chronic pains, jetlag and anxiety.



“By creating very safe and relaxing conditions, the mix of manual adjustments and Shirodhara 

can fully support the self healing mechanism to re align the entire body and mind of the patient.”



What happen's during the session?


The session is 2 hours long. It Starts with a short consultation in order to assess the main imbalances of the physical body and hearing the intention and boundaries of the patient.


The manual treatment last approximately for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Concluding with Shirodhara for a maximum of 30 minutes.


The treatment happens at my center in the jungle in Srithanu village on Koh Panghan.





The treatment cost is 1600 baths for 2 hours and will be paid at the beginning of the treatment. I do not want to break the state of relaxation happening at the end of the session with monetary exchange.


It is possible to receive separately manual therapy or Shirodhara. Please contact me for more information on price and length of treatment.





Feel free to contact me by email or what app according to your preference.


"Arnaud's massages are beyond amazing. Every time unique, arising from deep resonance with client, inviting to come back to authentic self, into here and now. Very interesting, harmonious, recreational and healing experience."

Andre amya


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