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“Therapy needs to constantly adjust and follow the movement of Healing. 

Nothing is static, the treatment as to be stable and mobile yet precise”

“No matter if we use Yoga,  manual intervention or boxing, all practices can have good benefits if down mindfully. 

The real magic is to use the right one, at the right time, in the right way 

in order to support the progression of healing.”

The Concept


We can easily accept that plants need different water quantity, soil properties or sun exposition according to the specie. Human often believes that we functions on one unique model.


Identifying our individual conditions and understanding of how we personally function are two  extremely important elements on the path of Self-healing.


Combining ancestral and prove base medicine, our philosophie is to bridge oriental and occidental visions with one objective: assess patients needs based on their individual nature to create a personalized tailor made program of healing and give them back the responsible for their own transformation. 


Unified therapy is a community of different background therapists that share the same vision. I will give you recommendation for therapy and therapists the most adequate to walk on your path of healing.


Who’s it for?


- For patients who desire to receive a holistic approach of healing

- For patients who don't find answers to their challenges 

- For patients who want to know their individual nature and wish to learn ways to keep it balance



Structure of the assessment


The “Unified Therapy Assessment” is based on 2 consultations of 1 hour each. The first one is to collect information related to all aspects of the patient and the second one is to share the results and the proposition of an entire program of healing. 


First session :

1. General information and intentions


2. Medical Assessment

- Medical background, medications…


3. Physical Assessment

- Skeleton imbalance, fascia restriction, postural analysis and movement analysis (mobility, strength, agility and flexibility)

- Video and picture to remember the where the patients started from


4. Energetic assessment

- Using Chinese and Ayurvedic assessment to establish the nature of the patients optimal health and the imbalances rising with time.


Second session:

1. Analyse of all assessment of the first session

- Establishing the general understanding and evolution of the symptoms


2. Personalised tailor made program

- Mix of my own treatment and others Unified therapists according to assessment





The packages of the first two sessions is 3000 baths for 2 hours. It often extend to 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Starting of program sessions (2 hours each):


- Individual treatment 2500 baths (70 euros for 2 hours)

- 5 treatments: 11500 baths (340 euros for 10 hours)

- 10 treatments: 21 000 baths (615 euros for 20 hours)


For any others therapists recommendations, price of treatments are base on their offer.


You will receive the entire program and each session structure by email. Each techniques will be on video in order to keep practicing and integrate it into your day to day life.





Feel free to contact me by email or what app according to your preference.

“Engaging with unified Therapy is the opportunity to receive a deep and evolutive program of healing performed by a community of certified therapist”


"Arnaud's massages are beyond amazing. Every time unique, arising from deep resonance with client, inviting to come back to authentic self, into here and now. Very interesting, harmonious, recreational and healing experience."

Andre amya


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Telephone  - +41 79948392

Email -  johan@unified-therapy.ch

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